Maria George

PhD candidate and teaching fellow
Learning and Teaching Fellow

PhD (Information Systems) (in progress) | Masters of Philosophy (Management), UNSW | Masters in Strategic Human Resource Management (Management), Wollongong University | Bachelor in Business Computing (Information Systems), Notre Dame University

I completed my MPhil at UNSW with a research focus on Australian Non-Profit Organization policies and strategies addressing labour standards in global supply chains. I have also contributed to data collection and analysis of reports in that field. Then, I commenced my PhD studies at the School of Information Systems to explore the rise of AI and the impact of our increased dependence on algorithms. I am very keen on examining the implications of autonomous algorithmic decision making systems in the aim of developing ways that can contribute to improve their implementation and limit their negative consequences.

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship and UNSW Business School Supplementary Scholarship

I research the societal impact of the use of algorithmic decision making systems by the public sector, with a focus on the unintended negative social consequences of digital welfare systems on disadvantaged individuals. I also research how civil society is able to highlight and voice out the concerns resulting from the use of these systems.

My teaching interests are around Information Systems and Management. I am particularly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of technology and humans.