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Our research comes to life when we work together with industry, government and the community to generate impact and change. We work across most business-related disciplines, enabling us to support our partners in addressing important business problems, policy challenges and government issues and make a difference in society.

“The Karnataka Forest Department [in southern India] is working with researchers from UNSW Business School to build a sophisticated wildlife conservation analytics platform… This will create predictive models of animal movement – models that could be adopted by wildlife conservationists around the world… It’s vital work if India is to protect one of the world’s most endangered animals.” 

Industry Impact 

At the core of our world-leading research is our expertise across seven key disciplines: economics, banking and finance, accounting, management, information systems, marketing and risk and actuarial studies. 

We harness these research strengths by partnering with organisations across different sectors to bring their strategic goals to life. We pair new technologies from our incubator programs with relevant businesses to bring discoveries to market. From eCommerce and Management to Tourism and Services, our solution-focused research specialises in solving real business problems. 

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Partnership Opportunities 

Whether you have corporate social responsibility goals or are looking for economic growth, there are many pathways and benefits to a strategic partnership with UNSW Business School. Business partners across the not-for-profit and private sectors will gain access to UNSW’s global network of research and expertise. You may also qualify for government funding and incentives when partnering with our university. 

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