Our Vision

A major work theme exploits privileged access to firm level data and engagement with government and international agencies to provide insights into the future of economic growth, inequality, AI and digital transformation.

Objectives of the Initiative

The Initiative seeks to focus on key policy-relevant research topics relating to firm, industry and economy-wide performance. It combines economic and multidisciplinary perspectives to advance understanding of current and future sources of prosperity.

Research Topics

  • Digital Intensity and Firm Performance (joint with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)
  • From Macro to Micro (and Back Again): The Drivers of Multi-Factor Productivity Growth in Australia (joint with the Australian Treasury)
  • Frontier Firms, Inefficiency and Productivity Dynamics
  • Superstar Firms? Perhaps not so Super
  • Dissecting Labour Shares using BLADE: An empirical investigation into the drivers and trends of Australian income shares
  • Treating Competition Right: Decomposing treatment and selection in the competition-productivity relationship
  • Advertising, Markups and the Digital Economy