Our PhD Teaching Fellows program equips high performing students with the teaching expertise and leadership experience required for successful academic careers in leading global institutes.

Open to mid-late stage PhD candidates, the 12-month program supports you to enter the marketplace job-ready and make a distinctive contribution to academic life.  

As a PhD Teaching Fellow, students will:

  • Benefit from learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced academics
  • Undertake formal and peer-oriented development of teaching skills
  • Develop capacity to articulate teaching approaches and capabilities
  • Be immersed in the intellectual and cultural life of UNSW Business School
  • Be part of a cohort of like-minded, future academics and build a cross disciplinary network
  • Build capability in job application and career plan development
  • Compile a robust teaching portfolio, including evidence of teaching performance

For further details about the PhD Teaching Fellows program please contact the PhD Teaching Fellows Director.

2022 PhD Teaching Fellows

  • John’s primary research focuses on the role of emotions in the workplace, specifically, the behavioural and emotional components of service interactions, where Yu seeks to understand frontline employee's and customer's experiences during service delivery. Some of his recent studies investigate questions like 1) How frontline employee's emotions shape their service behaviours towards customers (i.e., employee's emotional labour, employee's organizational citizenship behaviours, employee's counterproductive behaviours, etc.). 2) How customers respond to frontline employee's service behaviours (i.e., customer satisfaction, customer word of mouth, customer mistreatment, etc.). 3) How contextual and individual factors influence service interactions between frontline employees and customers (i.e., service climate, service type, service environment, employee's and customer's personality, etc.)

    Yu is currently teaching Negotiation Skills, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Yu is interested in teaching courses in many different areas, such as, Organisational Behaviour, Management and Leadership, Human Resource Management, as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

    Yu’s research has been published in elite management journals (ABDC A*) such as Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behaviour, and Journal of Service Research. 

  • Nizar comes from Technology Engineering background and has a number of academic qualifications including Bachelor and Master of Engineering (LU), Executive MBA (AGSM), Master of Doctoral Business Studies and PhD (current) at UNSW Business School (ISTM). Prior to joining academia, Nizar worked in industry leading multiple cross-functional teams ranging from Design Engineering, Program & Portfolio Management, Technology Consulting, Strategy & Innovations, and Digital Transformation. Nizar also worked as an advisor for public and private sector institutions on digital transformation initiatives including smart X programs (e.g. smart cities, smart parking, etc).

    Currently, Nizar is a consultant on Digital Transformation (DT) and a casual academic with UNSW having multiple roles as Lecturer in Charge (LIC), lecturer and tutor across multiple courses including Business Analytics, Project Management, Design, Technology & Innovation, etc.

    As a member of the Digital Sustainability Hub, Nizar develops and delivers a series of workshops and experiential learning initiatives for students and industry practitioners at the intersection between digital transformation, the UN SDGs and industry applications.

    Nizar’s main research focus is on the Digital Transformation (DT) phenomenon and more specifically the DT Process looking at the triggers, enablers, and impact it has on business and social environment.

  • Jenny Tak is a PhD candidate at the School of Banking and Finance. She received her Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Finance from the University of Melbourne. During her Bachelor program, she was an exchange student at Stern School of Business, New York University. Her research interests include empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, international finance and ESG.

    Jenny has an experience of teaching finance courses at UNSW and University of Melbourne as a tutor. She will be lecturing a postgraduate course in the next term. 

  • Ling Qin is a Scientia PhD candidate at the School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation. He is also a PhD Teaching Fellow at UNSW Business School. Ling received his bachelor’s degree in management (international accounting) from Xi’an Jiaotong University. Before joining UNSW, he has worked as a research assistant at universities in Hong Kong for two years.

    Ling’s research interests lie in the capital market, corporate disclosure, and archival auditing. He has received several rewards and scholarships, including the Best Paper Award in Auditing at the 2021 AFAANZ Annual Conference and UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship.


    Best Paper Award in Auditing, 2021 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Annual Conference

    UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship, completed his Honours thesis as part of his Co-op undergraduate studies, investigating the persuasive design of digital entrepreneurial crowdfunding platforms. He is now completing his PhD investigating the changing nature of digital work and the phenomenon of digital nomadism. Blair is supported by a Commonwealth Government Research Training Program Scholarship and a UNSW Business School Supplementary Scholarship to undertake his PhD.

  • Nam Gyu Ryu is a Ph.D student in Management and PhD Teaching Fellow. Prior to coming to UNSW, he received a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology at Seoul National University. He has presented in Korean Society for Organizational Psychology and have published in Work, Aging, and Retirement during his candidature. His research interests include business ethics, workplace deviance, workplace bullying, and morality. Nam’s research applies moral psychology into managerial context. 

    Nam has extensive experience in teaching from both UNSW and Seoul National University. He is supported by the Research Training Program Scholarship.

  • Yafei Si is a PhD Teaching Fellow in School of Risk & Actuarial Studies. He is also a research student at ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), PhD candidate in Health Economics at the University of New South Wales, and a Research Fellow of Global Labor Organization (GLO).

    His research focus on focuses on public policies and economics of healthy ageing and health care quality. He has a strong record of publications in high impact journals, including The Lancet, Social Science & Medicine, and Journal of Gerontology Series A: Medical Science. He was a Postgraduate Fellow at Yale University and obtained his M.Phil. and B. Admin in Health Economics and Policy from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

  • Roham is a doctoral candidate at the school of Banking and Finance. His research focuses on financing of innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance and corporate governance. Roham also teaches related courses in venture capital and international corporate governance.

  • Roxanne is a PhD candidate in the School of Information Systems and Technology Management. She holds a Master of Technology Management and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of the Philippines and a Master of Pre-Doctoral Business Studies in Information Systems and Technology Management from the UNSW Business School. Her research is focused on understanding the process of strategic alignment in large-scale healthcare information systems implementations. Roxanne’s PhD is supported by the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living and the Deakin University Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute.

    Roxanne has over 7 years industry experience in digital healthcare implementations. Prior to commencing her PhD, she has worked as operations manager and technical consultant within government, higher education, and UN agencies in the Philippines. Her experience fuels her passion for research in the role of information systems in addressing the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals, not only in healthcare but also in other areas such as inclusive employment and economic growth. In recognition of her work, Roxanne became one of the first recipients of the UNSW Business School Responsible Business Research grant in 2020. Aside from her dissertation, Roxanne is currently working on other research projects that align with the SDGs through her engagement in UNSW UNOVA and the UNSW ASEAN Business Research network.

    Roxanne balances research with teaching and has been an active member of the Information Systems and Technology Management casual academic cohort since 2020. She is an academic tutor for Digital Transformation in Business (INFS1602), Enterprise Systems (INFS2621), e-Business (INFS5885), and Qualitative Data Analysis for Business (COMM5011).

  • Ayesha Hossain is a second year PhD student in the School of Marketing. Ayesha completed a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University and a Master of Marketing from the University of Sydney. Her research involves marketing analytics, social media, and data modelling.

    Prior commencing doctoral studies, Ayesha worked in the education sector in Australia and South Asia for more than eight years holding various management positions including Chief Operating Officer, Director of Training, Program Manager and so on. Her accomplished history of developing and implementing successful projects and leading dynamic business development initiatives brought her recognition both from internal and external stakeholders. She is extremely passionate about teaching and has been working as an educator and instructional designer at various vocational and high education institutes since 2013.

  • Huaizhou (Will) is a PhD candidate in the School of Banking & Finance. His research interests include corporate finance, industrial organization, ownership structure, and competition strategies.

    Will has presented his work at several international conferences, including the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference.

    Currently, Will lectures in Financial Theory and Policy (MFIN6214) and International Corporate Finance (FINS5516). Will's teaching speciality includes corporate finance and empirical methods in finance.

    Besides being a full-time researcher, he is also a part-time photographer, amateur boxer, and lifetime foodie.

  • PhD (Organization and Management) (in progress), University of New South Wales (UNSW) | Master of Commerce in Business (Management and Organizations), Macquarie University | Research Design, The University of Sydney (USYD)

    Aline has certifications and extensive experience in the practice of human resources (HR). She is currently completing her PhD investigating the contribution of the HR to sustainable development. Through her thesis work, Aline hopes to add to knowledge in the areas of sustainable human resource management and leadership.

  • Yuchen is a doctoral candidate and PhD Teaching Fellow in the School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation. His research interests include financial reporting and disclosure, and international accounting. His PhD project focuses on the consequences of mandatory quarterly reporting.

    Yuchen actively engages with the global research community. His working paper is being presented at leading international conferences. He has presented and also served as a moderator at the 2022 AAA International Accounting Section Mid-year Meeting. He also participated in the 2021 AAA IAS PhD/New Faculty Consortium.

    Yuchen has received several awards and scholarships. His PhD is funded by MPDBS scholarship, Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship and the UNSW Business School Top-up Funding. He was also on the Dean's Honour Roll and was awarded the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Award for Highest Achievement (Auditing) and Tasmanian International Scholarship from UTAS.

PhD Teaching Fellows program Director

Nitika is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the PhD Teaching Fellows Program at UNSW Business School. She currently serves on both the Academic Board and the Faculty Board. In the past, she has served as the Director, Business Experimental Research Laboratory (BizLab) and Faculty Board Member, University Re-enrolment Appeals Committee. Nitika is recognised for her scholarship on how emotions influence various aspects of consumer behaviour including over-consumption, pro-social, and sustainable behaviours.

Her research has been published in elite Marketing journals (A*/FT50) such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Consumer Psychology, and has been covered in media outlets such as the New York Times, ABC, Conversation, BusinessThink, and BBC. Currently, she is on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (ABDC A*) and the European Journal of Marketing (ABDC A*), and she also serves as the Associate Editor, Marketing at Australian Journal of Management.

Contact us

Nitika Garg (PhD Teaching Fellows Director)
Email: n.garg@unsw.edu.au
Phone: 02 9385 3387

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