Developing Data Strategy

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Optimising for today, preparing for tomorrow.

Understanding and making use of your data is critical to making informed decisions, building competitive advantage, and achieving business outcomes. This course will help you use your organisation’s data to its full advantage.

Led by a data scientist and entrepreneur who has helped many organisations to create competitive advantages using data, you will take part in live virtual workshops, interspersed with action learning and coaching to upskill you as a ‘data driven’ professional, ready to take on the challenges of today's dynamic environment. You will utilise The AGSM Navigator, a custom-built platform designed to work with your existing social and communication tools like Zoom.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Led by global industry experts, you will build the knowledge and skills to:

  • Drive data adoption in your team
  • Evaluate and leverage your data assets
  • Use your data to make more informed decisions
  • Understand how your data can be used to allocate resources and improve productivity
  • Make better use of your data to inform the customer experience

Course Details:

Duration: 3 weeks

Location: Online Learning

Cost: $2,200 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 2 CEMD Points

Innovative digital learning experiences

Whether you choose a tailored learning solution, an in-person short course, or a virtual learning course, you are supported by our innovative online learning platform, the AGSM Navigator. Designed specifically to deliver interactive, best-practice online learning, the Navigator ensures you can learn anytime, anywhere.