Women in Leadership

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Express your authentic leadership style, build confidence to influence and lead with purpose.

The confidence to influence, to bring out the best in others as leaders, and to build personal agency in our career, depends on impact. We lead in organisational systems and our success depends on reading that system and managing the dynamics around us. 

This course brings together a group of like-minded leaders and executives to respond to the challenges and recognise the opportunities of leadership in a complex world, influence change and shape the future of leadership for women.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Embarking on a journey to better understand leadership and redefine your career pathway, you’ll develop the mindsets, skills and frameworks to:

  • Uncover unconscious bias and influence change
  • Lead with your personal purpose
  • Step into your power and authority
  • Express your authentic leadership style and strengths
  • Lead in Systems – work with dynamics
  • Work with complex interests
  • Coach for performance in a leadership role
  • Influence with strategic communication
  • Create collective leadership - engage the system
  • Understand motivation in times of change

Course Details:

Duration: First 3 days in person, plus 2 weeks online

Location: Online Learning and in-class program hours

Cost: $6,270 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 5 CEMD Points

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