Past Seminars & Conferences


  • Indifference Pricing of Insurance-Linked Securities in a Multi-period Model
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 12/06/2020 03:00pm

    Speaker: Qihe Tang

    Affiliation: School of Risk & Actuarial Studies, UNSW Business School

  • The COVID-19 Susceptibility Index for Australia
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 01/05/2020 10:00am

    Speaker: Calise Liu and Alan Xian

    Affiliation: Finity Consulting (Calise Liu) and UNSW Sydney (Alan Xian)

  • An Efficient Method for Mitigating Longevity Value-at-Risk
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 13/03/2020 03:00pm

    Speaker: Johnny Li

    Affiliation: Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne; Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, Canada


  • Is there a demand for reverse mortgages in China
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 25/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Katja Hanewald

    Affiliation: Risk & Actuarial Studies, UNSW & CEPAR

  • Gompertz Law Revisited: Forecasting Mortality in a Multi-factor Framework
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 15/11/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Hong Li

    Affiliation: Warren Centre of Actuarial Studies and Research, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba

  • Applying psychological models to explain responses to downsizing
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 11/11/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Joanne Earl

    Affiliation: Psychology, Macquarie University

  • The Impact of The Choice of Life Table Statistics When Forecasting Mortality
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 08/11/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Marie-Pier Bergeron

    Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Center on Population Dynamics (CPop), University of Southern Denmark

  • Risk Assessment under Uncertainty
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 04/11/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Steven Vanduffel

    Affiliation: Faculty of Economics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

  • A Bivariate Compound Dynamic Contagion Process for Cyber Insurance
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 01/11/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Jiwook Jang

    Affiliation: Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, Macquarie University

  • The Banking Royal Commission: An Algorithmic Analysis of News Media Data
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 28/10/2019 12:00am

    Speaker: Ashish Chopra, Hannah Harris & Sharon Li

    Affiliation: Centre for Law Markets and Regulation, UNSW

  • Dependence Modeling of Multivariate Longitudinal Data with Dropout
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 25/10/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Edward W. (Jed) Frees

    Affiliation: Risk and Insurance Department, Wisconsin School of Business

  • The Interplay Between Offsetting Insurance Liabilities: Joint or Stand-Alone Pricing
    Seminar Series

    Date: Wed 23/10/2019 03:30pm

    Speaker: Hamza Hanbali

    Affiliation: Faculty of Economics and Business, KU Leuven

  • Medicaid and Long-Term Care: Do Eligibility Rules Impact Asset Holdings?
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 14/10/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Junhao Liu

    Affiliation: Finance Discipline, University of Sydney Business School

  • Information, Belief, and Health Behavior: Evidence from China
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 30/09/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Xiaoyan Lei

    Affiliation: China Center for Economic Research, Peking University

  • Feature-Based Time Series Analysis
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 27/09/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Rob Hyndman

    Affiliation: Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics, Monash University

  • The State of Super
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 16/09/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: David Bell

    Affiliation: UNSW PhD candidate, previously CIO Mine Super

  • Optimal Insurance Strategies: A Hybrid Deep Learning Markov Chain Approximation Approach
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 30/08/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Zhuo Jin

    Affiliation: Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne

  • Robust Extreme Risk Analysis
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 08/07/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Henry Lam

    Affiliation: Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Columbia University

  • Option Pricing with Market Frictions and Regime Switching
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 21/06/2019 03:00pm

    Speaker: Ken Siu

    Affiliation: Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, Macquarie University

  • A Fistful of Dollars - Financial Incentives Improve Retirement Information Search
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 17/06/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Inka Eberhardt

    Affiliation: CEPAR, UNSW