The UNSW Business School Textbook Access Scheme is a collaboration between UNSW Business School, UNSW Student Support, and the UNSW Bookshop. The purpose of the scheme is to support the inclusion and success of students from equity groups enrolled at UNSW Sydney in first year undergraduate Business programs.
Eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Statistical Area 1 (SA1), based on student’s residential address as recorded by UNSW Sydney at time of enrolment; and/or
  2. The UAC Educational Access Scheme; and/or
  3. Admissions data relating to UNSW Gateway Schools will also be used to determine eligible students. 

Identified students will receive a notification of eligibility via email and can access the textbook grant using their Student ID at the UNSW Bookshop. The grant is available for the students’ use for the duration of the year. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. This program is for eligible full-time students, or part-time students on a pro-rata basis, who are enrolled in a first-year program in 2021, as of Monday 8th of February 2021.
  2. The grant is for books and study materials to the value of $250 for full-time students enrolled in a program managed by the Business School. For part-time students, the grant is for the proportion of $250 that corresponds to study load: e.g., for students with a 0.5 full time equivalent (FTE) study load, the maximum grant is $125.
  3. For students studying a dual degree, the grant funds could be used to purchase textbooks for non-business courses, provided the units of credit for those courses were counted towards a program in which the UNSW Business School was named as having oversight.
  4. Identified eligible students are the intended beneficiaries of this grant. Buying textbooks for students other than the student named in the notification is prohibited in this program and could result in permanent disqualification from the scheme.
  5. Only one copy of each textbook may be bought under this scheme. You cannot buy multiple copies of the same textbook under this scheme.
  6. The grant cannot be transferred to other bookshops, is not exchangeable for cash and unused funds cannot be transferred to students.
  7. This scheme is separate to and operates independently of other financial support programs administered by UNSW Student Support. Students who did not receive a letter notifying them of their eligibility for this scheme but who wish to discuss other financial support programs may make an appointment with a Student Support Advisor.
  8. Any decisions related to eligibility will be reviewed by the Team Lead, Student Support and the Business School Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer. [

Contact Us

Any questions about this scheme can be directed to