About us

Commited to excellence and contiuous improvement.

ADFA Canberra UNSW

Welcome from the Head of School 

Welcome to the School of Engineering & Information Technology (SEIT) at UNSW Canberra. We’re an exceptional community of students, educators, researchers and professional staff working to change the world for the better. We are dedicated to fostering the next generation of technology decision-makers that will shape Australia’s defence and security future. 

SEIT is its people

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our school is home to internationally recognised teaching and research staff who come from all over the world to work towards a shared purpose. Our community is built on these talented and passionate individuals who together create an engaging and supportive learning environment.  

Investing in people

We recognise our job is to inspire engineering minds and nurture a passion for life-long learning. Whether you are an undergraduate student navigating engineering for the first time or a more experienced scholar engaging in ground-breaking research, we’ll support you every step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity to develop and grow through the stages of your career, to push the boundaries, and to learn from and be mentored by those that came before you.  Our graduates go on to shape Australia, the region and the international community as leaders in defence, government, and industry.

The future is now

Our teaching and outstanding educational experience is informed by our strong research focus. We're working at the forefront of engineering and technology research that both advances our understanding of the world and applies engineering problem-solving and cutting-edge technology to address and solve significant real-world problems.

We're an innovative and influential school with a respected voice on major issues and trends that will shape our region’s defence and security future. Our academics and students are engaged in cutting-edge exploration across areas especially important to Australia’s future security such as renewable energy, trusted autonomous systems, cyber security, hypersonics and artificial intelligence.

Not simply a vision, this is the reality of SEIT. Should it fire your imagination and passion, and we hope it does, then please consider joining our community. SEIT is its people.

Michael Barlow
— Head of School of Engineering & IT

Our values

Being great isn’t solely achieved through our skills and expertise, it’s also about a drive to solve our communities’ problems, plus how we interact with colleagues, students and the community. Our values demonstrate the way we work together to support a positive environment, delivering academic excellence, social engagement and global impact.

  • We arrive every day with the expectation of excellence, and we recognise that excellence can be personal and collective. We care about getting things right. We innovate smartly and embrace accountable freedom. We make a difference.

  • Our school is our people, and respect is the glue that binds us. We value person-to-person relationships and consider how words and actions impact others. Everyone is valuable and should be treated with respect.

  • The value of our school is greater than the sum of our parts; we can achieve more working as a team than we can working as individuals.

    We seize opportunities to help our colleagues, take pleasure in supporting colleagues' achievements, listen actively, consider other points of view and revel in diversity.

  • Respect, collaboration and integrity are supported by communication. We explain the facts openly to all and share all the information we have. We present solutions, not problems. We communicate fearlessly to build trust and a safe workplace.

  • We aim to create balance between people’s needs and organisational regulations. We encourage people to bring their uniqueness and be themselves. SEIT’s most valued asset is its people.

Affiliated centres & groups

We work alongside several research centres to create a collaborative multidisciplinary research community.  

Bringing together a diverse range of disciplines, we deliver cutting-edge research, create thought leadership and provide educational opportunities to address the biggest challenges facing our world today.