About us

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Located at the UNSW Canberra City Campus, the Canberra School of Professional Studies is an emerging collective of education focused academics and professional staff who are driven by a passion for entrepreneurial education, empowering students to create social, cultural, and economic value by solving real-world problems through experiential, real-world learning. ​

Through our collaborative efforts, the school aspires to be at the forefront of educational innovation, actively shaping the future workforce, and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on society through leadership, expertise, and lifelong learning.​

At the Canberra School of Professional Studies, we envision a future where the Canberra community collaborates with the prestigious research and educational excellence of UNSW to co-design and deliver exceptional education products and services. ​

Our Values

Draws upon the research and educational excellence of UNSW to co-design high quality and innovative education products and services with the Canberra community across university, government and industry.

Is inspired by the best of entrepreneurial education, where the goal is to develop students’ capacity to create social, cultural, and economic value in response to real world problems. Experiential, real-world learning.

Offers relevant and agile academic programs which reflect the needs of the modern workforce, while producing graduates who are job ready and capable of leadership and professional practice both for Canberra and a broader global community.

Presents a unique opportunity to address industry and public sector needs.