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Social Policy Research Centre

The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) is at the forefront of research generating real change for individuals and communities in Australia, and internationally. Founded in 1980 as Australia’s first national research centre dedicated to shaping awareness of social welfare issues, it has grown into a leading force behind social change in Australia.

Disability Innovation Institute

The UNSW Disability Innovation Institute aims to produce sustainable change in the lives of people with disability creating and sharing knowledge that is interdisciplinary, innovative and inclusive through research and education. Established in 2017, the Institute is working to embed innovative, interdisciplinary and disability-inclusive ways of working into the heart of UNSW’s practices, connecting researchers and educators with lived experience of disability locally, nationally and globally.

Institute for Global Development

The Institute for Global Development (IGD) was established as part of UNSW's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. The IGD is committed to achieving change through harnessing academic excellence, fostering transformative partnerships and translating evidence into impact.

Centre for Social Impact (CSI)

CSI leads the way on social impact research that helps create conditions for a better world. CSI partners with organisations from across sectors to explore a range of social issue areas, with a particular focus on the levers and drivers of social disadvantage.

Professor Jackie Leach Scully

Professor Scully is the Director of the UNSW Disability Innovation Institute and an internationally recognised bioethicist specialising in disability and feminist bioethics. With a background in molecular biology and further training in neurobiology, she held research fellowships at the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne and the University of Basel, Switzerland, before helping to establish the first interdisciplinary unit for bioethics at Basel. She joined UNSW in 2019.

Professor Karen Fisher

Part of the Social Policy Research Centre, Professor Fisher's research interests are the organisation of social services in Australia and China, disability and mental health policy, inclusive research and evaluation, and social policy processes. She applied mixed methodology and adopts inclusive research methods with people with disability, families, policy officials and service providers.

Professor Ilan Katz

Part of the Social Policy Research Centre, Professor Katz's research interests include evaluation of complex interventions, parenting, child protection, youth justice, prevention and family support, children, families and communities, comparitive child welfare systems, migration, race and ethnicity.

Professor Bingqin Li

Part of the Social Policy Research Centre, Professor Li's research is on social policy and governance. Her current projects include governance of age-friendly communities, local government motivation in delivering complex social programs, social inclusion and integration, urban governance and social spending.

Professor Iva Strnadová

Professor Strnadová is the Academic Lead for Research at the UNSW Disability Innovation Institute and a Professor in Special Education and Disability Studies. Her research aims to contribute to better understanding and the improvement of the life experiences of people with disabilities, especially people with intellectual disabilities. Her research is grounded in an innovative inclusive research approach, in which people with intellectual disabilities are included in the role of researcher.

Associate Professor Bruce Bradbury

A/Prof. Bradbury of the Social Policy Research Centre undertakes research on poverty and inequality, the measurement of living standards, income support and labour market policies, consumer equivalence scales, and the geographic dimensions of social policies.

Associate Professor Natasha Cortis

A/Prof. Cortis of the Social Policy Research Centre explores the organisation, delivery and evaluation of human services, focusing on issues of financial sustainability in not-for-profit organisations, funding and workforce issues in community services, and women's employment and economic security.

Professor Gemma Carey

Professor Gemma Carey is the Director of the Centre for Social Impact UNSW, where she leads a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and educators committed to addressing inequality. She works with governments and non-government organisations to identify and change structures and processes that impact inequality. At the moment, her research is primarily focused on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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