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For SDG #6

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

UNSW demonstrates expertise through people, centres and institutes and partnership

Global Water Institute

The UNSW Global Water Institute (GWI) is Australia's leading water knowledge hub, recognised worldwide for its multidisciplinary water research, innovation and problem solving. The GWI comprises over 400 researchers, staff and PhD students from across UNSW working on a variety of problems including adapting to the effects of climate change, water scarcity, and the rapid loss of aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem decline.

Water Research Centre

The Water Research Centre (WRC), part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, has over 60 years of experience providing multidisciplinary research in water resources, engineering, management and the development of tools for environmental management and sustainability for improving aquatic and atmospheric environments.

Climate Change Research Centre

The Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) is engaged in research in a variety of disciplines that will affect how we are able to combat climate change on both a local and a global level. These include: climate; oceanography; atmospheric science; ecosystems; the carbon cycle; terrestrial processes; climate impacts; energy policy; climate model evaluation; and palaeoclimatology.

Professor Lucy Marshall

Professor Lucy Marshall is the Director of the Water Research Centre and Associate Dean (Equity & Diversity) of the Faculty of Engineering. She works towards new methods for quantifying available water resources through methods such as developing new types of hydrologic models, new analysis of field observations, and better ways of assessing and using existing models.

Professor Greg Leslie

Professor Greg Leslie is the Director of the UNSW Global Water Institute and the Director of the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology. Prior to joining UNSW, he worked in the public and private sectors on water treatment, reuse and desalination projects in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

Water Experts

The UNSW Global Water Institute utilises the expertise and experience of over 40 water experts from diverse fields such as chemical engineering, biology, law, environmental humanities, biomolecuar science, earth & environmental science, biotechnology, and geography.

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Goal #6

UNSW is committed to ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Explore our commitments and activities to this Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

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