Career Discovery Coaching Program

Get your university experience off to a great start with the Career Discovery Coaching Program

UNSW Employability Career Discovery Coaching Program

Career Discovery Coaching Program

Design your experience at UNSW in just 3 coaching sessions, all while discovering what drives you, what values are important to you and what programs and jobs excite you.

In this coaching program we will help you to navigate your UNSW employability journey with expert guidance to:

  • Understand your motivations and professional interests
  • Plan how to engage in employability programs during your degree
  • Explore career pathways that will energise you
  • Design your Experience at UNSW


The program is self-paced and consists of 3 x 30 min sessions with a dedicated Career Coach.

Dates for T1, 2024 will be announced soon - watch this space!

  • Coaching Session 1


    Let’s start by getting to know you and what brings you to the program. We will discuss the DOTS model of career development and employability skills. You will gain your access to the exclusive Which Career For Me (WCFM) questionnaire.


    Coaching Session 2


    Your Career Coach will work with you to understand your WCFM questionnaire results and together you will discuss your values, motivations, future skills and a range of career options to explore.


    Coaching Session 3


    It’s now time to 'Design your Experience' at UNSW. Together you and your Career Coach will begin developing a plan for engaging in employability programs available to you throughout your degree. This gives you a unique opportunity to maximise your employability journey during your time at UNSW and prepare you to discover purposeful career options.


  • Any student in the 'discovery' stage of their career! These are usually students in first or second year, however if you are at a different stage of study and feel that you could benefit from the program, you are also welcome to book in your first session to discuss with a Career Coach.

  • Once you have attended the first coaching session, please book your subsequent sessions using the below link and select your nominated Career Coach.

    If you are struggling to find an available appointment, please contact