About Us


Welcome to the future of engineering in Australia: the AGSE, where the next generation of engineering leaders are made. Join us in building the world you want to live in.

Launching in 2022, The Australian Graduate School of Engineering (AGSE) at UNSW recognises that the world’s best engineers are flexible, adaptable, able to acquire new skills and to problem solve quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you seek to be a world-building leader or a world-leading builder, we design post-graduate courses across the fields of solar & renewable energy, biomedical, chemical, and civil & environmental energy, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, and mineral & energy resources. 

Learning at the AGSE is flexible to you, and will connect you with a network of peers that includes our globally-recognised and awarded engineers and researchers. 

We offer a diverse range of short courses and masters’ degrees to credentialled engineers looking to take their careers into the future as innovators of the field, both here in Australia, and overseas. 

Learn more about why our faculty makes us the number one engineering university in Australia.

From transitioning your field of focus to acquiring new leadership and business skills applicable to your current role, courses at the AGSE will ensure your career is future-proofed as you lead the rapid changes that continue to shape the world of engineering. 

We warmly welcome you to register your interest with us, and in the next phase in your career, by emailing your details here.