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At UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, we play a leading role in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our disciplines span across the fields of: 

  • Surgical instruments and medical devices  
  • Tissue engineering 
  • Biomaterials  
  • Neural engineering 
  • Biomechanics 
  • Telehealth 
  • Biosignal processing  
  • Medical imaging  
  • Computational modelling  

We have a range of scholarships and research programs that will put you on the fast-track towards achieving your career goals. 


Our undergraduate degrees are designed to give you a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the field. Discover your passion for applying engineering principles to solve medical problems. We also have range of double degrees that combine your study with specialisations in the fields of Arts, Science, Commerce or Law.

Our postgraduate degree programs will take your engineering education to the next level while also polishing your professional skills. Our comprehensive program will help you broaden your knowledge and network of industry connections. We also offer scholarships and prizes to make investing in your professional development as accessible as possible.

We’re globally recognised for our multi-disciplinary research and delivering innovative solutions to our industry partners. Find out how you can channel your interests to make life-changing discoveries and enhance the lives of millions. You'll work alongside the best minds in the world to make a positive difference.

Future Students

Our innovative career-focused degrees will help you stand out from the rest. Our supportive campus culture will make forming new friendships and joining professional networks a breeze, while our industrial training, study abroad options and diverse programs equip you with the skills and knowledge to make an impact.

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Girls in Engineering Club

High school girls are invited to join a fun and inspiring community of people interested in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Explore the diverse fields of Engineering with access to regular events, engaging workshops and monthly challenges.

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UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering has over 60 years of sustained excellence in teaching. Learn from globally celebrated academic minds while studying a subject area you love. Discover why we’re a pioneer in engineering education when you undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate degree with us.

Admission to study at UNSW Engineering is based on more than just grades. We value passion and purpose, through our alternate pathways programs. Whether you’re in high school or a postgraduate student, we believe everyone has the potential to become an Engineer if given access and support to excel.

We offer a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research scholarships to help you along the way. Our scholarships remove the financial pressures involved with higher education. We have scholarships to reward outstanding academic performance and also those overcoming extraordinary circumstances, as we believe education should be accessible to all.

Access academic information that’ll assist your study and future planning. Learn about our international exchange programs where you can learn while exploring a new city, or get into the details by consulting our student conduct policies and course outlines. This is your handy destination for all the information you’ll need.

UNSW Engineering Students in an Engineers Australia (EA) accredited degree have the opportunity to complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements. Start your career with the confidence, knowledge and skills to excel.