Electrochemical Storage Engineering Laboratory

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Our team specializes in studies of Li-ion, Na-ion, Li-S, Li-O2, multivalent, and aqueous Zn batteries; solid electrolytes and all-solid-state-batteries; solid-state electrochemistry; operando electrochemical studies (XRD, UV-Vis, Raman, etc.); cell design & development; materials development & optimization; nanomaterials and composites; solid-state & inorganic chemistry. At present, we are specifically focusing in the following areas.

Understanding, development, and optimization of all-solid-state alkali metal (Li & Na) batteries and battery components using solid electrolytes.

Aqueous rechargeable Zn (anode) batteries for large-scale (grid-storage, renewable, home) stationary storage applications.

Development of novel inorganic and polymeric solid electrolytes with superior Li+/Na+ conductivity.

Operando electrochemical analyses of battery materials and novel operando cell development.

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