UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering works closely with government agencies and industry partners on projects that have a positive impact on the community. Explore the breadth of our school’s research areas.  

Our researchers are designing new construction technologies, improving project management processes and consulting on planning and risk management for the industry. As the largest and leading construction research group, we have a strong international reputation for our teaching and research.  

The Environmental Engineering group develop tools for environmental management, investigate the fate of chemical and microbial contaminants in engineered and natural systems and apply risk assessment and life cycle analysis.  

We actively collaborate with our domestic and international industry and research partners to evaluate the environmental merits of sustainable decision-making.  

Our aim is to make infrastructure safer, more reliable and cost effective. We are internationally renowned for our excellence in experimental, theoretical and applied soil, rock and asphalt research. Our research spans across fundamental and applied soil mechanics, modelling of soil behaviour, rock mechanics and dam engineering.

We’re developing innovative solutions that improve lives in remote Australian communities and low and middle-income countries where there is lack of access to essential services. We also engage our students by providing learning opportunities by getting involved in humanitarian engineering initiatives, allowing them to apply their knowledge to creating sustainable technologies.  

The Structural Engineering group is focused on resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Our research investigates the structural integrity of materials used in building, bridges, dams, tunnels and roads when exposed to natural phenomena's or hostile environments. Our experts work continues to contribute to Australian standards and codes of practice for concrete, steel, composite and bridge structures. 

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (SAGE) group conducts world-class research in precise positioning technologies and applications, navigation systems and ‘earth observation.’ We lend our expertise in our close links with government and industry partners to help advance research in the field. 

Transport Engineering research group aims to build knowledge to make transportation systems efficient, reliable, affordable and sustainable. Our expertise covers areas such as network planning and modelling, safety, public transport analysis and environmental modelling. Our multidisciplinary approach to research means we collaborate with our colleagues across campus and research centres in Australia and overseas. 

UNSW is internationally recognised as a leader in water research. Our researchers apply their innovative approaches to all aspects of the water cycle; water use and re-use; aquatic environments; equity in access to safe drinking water; flooding; estuaries and the coast. This is supported by our multidisciplinary research centres that continually engage our external partners to improve the world’s water resources.