Alumni & Industry

At the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering we take pride in maintaining strong connections with our alumni and broader industry.  

We host a range of activities and events to keep connections strong as well as to share new opportunities. 

To stay across the latest alumni news and events send us an email with your:  

  • Name 
  • Year of graduation 
  • Degree  
  • Email address 

Industry Partners 

We also provide our industry partners with access to a range of unique opportunities. If you're a potential graduate employer, you may also be interested in: 

  • Becoming an Industrial Training Partner: our students must complete 60 days of compulsory training to achieve a Bachelor of Engineering before graduation. Help train the next generation of engineers and bring fresh innovative perspectives to your next project.  
  • Advertising to our students: who are interested in working for one of our industry partners can subscribe to our mailing list for the latest opportunities. Get applications from some of the most sought-after engineering students in the country. 


UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering has thousands of alumni working in countries across the world. Our graduates have gone on to work in a range of exciting areas including cybersecurity, banking, programming and systems engineering.  

We consistently produce Australia's highest quality software engineers with our alumni working for industry leaders, including Microsoft, Data61 and Atlassian. Our graduates are true innovators, founding high profile companies including Smart Sparrow and Open Learning.    

We pride ourselves on our strong alumni and industry relationships, hosting many events throughout the year as well as other opportunities to stay involved with the school.  

If you're a past student, join us on LinkedIn to stay updated on upcoming news and events.   

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When you partner with us you get more than just access to internationally acclaimed academic experts, research facilities and research grants. If you’re searching for an out-of-the-box solution to a complex problem or grappling with a common industry issue, find out how an industry partnership can help.

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