Electrical and telecommunications engineers are in high demand in every industry that uses technology. As an example, here is a list of companies that our students took internships or graduate roles with in a 12-month period.

Electrical, telecommunications and quantum engineers continue to be among the most sought-after professionals. Electrical Engineering continues to feature in lists of the best, highest-paying or most in-demand jobs, e.g. Indeed (27/2/20), Business Insider (17/7/20)  and Forbes (17/5/19).

Academic staff in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications are passionate educators. 30% of academic staff won faculty, university or national teaching awards in the past 10 years. The School has a proud history of education innovation. Two recent examples are the world’s first Bachelor of Quantum Engineering and (during COVID) a breakthrough way to deliver practical skills via remote laboratories.




Many courses have undergone digital uplift, providing world-class learning resources to complement class interactions.




Our vibrant and award-winning student societies ELSOC (web and facebook) and TWEET (web and facebook) run dozens of social events, ‘crash courses’, hackathons and careers events throughout the year. In fact ELSOC is one of the most active student societies on campus, running continuously since 1953.

The recently refurbished ($104M), award-winning Electrical Engineering Building, with thousands of square metres of brand new teaching and research labs, the Real-time Digital Simulation Laboratory, the largest in any university world-wide, the Australian National Fabrication Facility, capable of producing sub-20nm semiconductor device features, the Joint National Fibre Facility, to name just a few.

Take a tour of some of our teaching labs (including for quantum engineering), and have a look at our world-leading remote laboratories, which bring the lab bench to our students wherever they are during COVID.

As well as electrical circuits, maths, physics and computing, you will study engineering design and innovation. Here’s what that might look like: Team 15Group 15autonomous egg delivery.

Developing a microsatellite and testing it by launching it into the stratosphere, working right at the cutting edge on more than 400 year-long honours thesis topics, an audio tesla coil, a robotic drum kit, a custom omnidirectional robocouch . . . or whatever else you would like to dream up.

Director of Academic Studies A/Prof Toan Phung

Deputy Head of School (Education) A/Prof Jayashri Ravishankar

Head of School Prof Julien Epps