Dive into your engineering degree with UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. All our standard 4-year degree plans (except Mechatronics) start with a common first-year program. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to change your specialisation at any time during your first year.

Enjoy exploring the foundations of engineering in science, mathematics, engineering and design concepts, visualisation and analysis courses, or consider taking on a double degree by combining your studies with Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Music, Engineering Science or Biomedical Engineering.


This degree focuses on giving you the same depth of understanding as professional international aerospace training programs in other industrial countries. Study the science and practice of air and space flight related to airborne vehicles for a future in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsion and structures. The final-year course involves a team project integrating all aspects of aircraft design to meet a defined mission specification.

Interested in the ever-changing world of smart machines and systems? This degree gives you the skills to develop autonomous systems such as self-operating robots, including vehicles, as well as a thorough knowledge of industrial automation. You’ll graduate equipped with abilities in the full spectrum of smart machine design.

Expand your career options by taking on a second degree while you study Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Choose a double degree in fields of Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Music, Biomedical Engineering or Engineering Science.

Already know you want to be a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer but not sure which direction to take? Our Flexible First Year program lets you explore several areas before deciding on your final specialisation.


Join our internationally acclaimed research programs to solve complex problems, enhance innovation and challenge existing ideas. We partner with high-quality research students and staff from around the globe on a variety of diverse research programs, with an aim to make more efficient machines and mechanical systems that transform lives and change the world.

Get the most out of your student experience by delving into our community of clubs, societies, activities, and events. Whether you’re on-campus or online, you can achieve a balanced education that’ll expand your mindset and enhance your learning, while also developing your technical and managerial skills for the future.

At the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, we recognise hard work and dedication. You can see your efforts rewarded and celebrated through a range of scholarships, prizes, renegotiation, and the Dean's Awards. We’re also proud to bestow more than 2,000 scholarships awarded annually across the university.