Our leading experts working in the field of Geoenergy focuses on fundamental and applied research related to the oil & gas industry. Of particular interest are technologies that improve recovery and provide new insights into the production of natural gas.  

Traditional knowledge and expertise in petroleum production will drive new technologies related to the geological storage of CO2, production of geothermal energy and production of natural gas as a transition fuel. Fundamental to oil and gas recovery is multi-phase flow through porous media where our research focused on Digital Rock technology excels. Our 3D X-ray microtomography imaging technology associated image processing and subsequent simulation tools leading to advanced reservoir characterisation workflows also facilitate novel research beyond oil and gas research.

Digital Rock physics aims to explores high-resolution imaging of heterogeneous porous media and combines it with pore-scale rock-typing, physical property calculations and experiments. 

NMR characterisation aims to analyse saturate porous media by combining strong experimental capabilities with numerical simulation. 

Geosequestration research aims to enhance the feasibility of CO2 Geosequestration in heterogeneous and low-pressure formations to maximize CO2 storage. 

An integrated approach addresses sophisticated geomechanical problems using theoretical, experimental and numerical developments from the micrometer to field length scales. 

High-resolution imaging combined with image analysis and physical property simulations provides a digital laboratory for sample characterization. 

Next generation reservoir engineering includes micrometre to field scale characterisation and modelling of flow in fractured porous reservoirs.  

Digital rock technologies for coal seam gas engineering and monitoring is world leading. Our experts work closely with industry on 3D imaging of coal samples, characterisation and prediction of physical properties. 

Mineral separation and interfacial phenomena research aims to minimise losses of high value minerals and generate values by reprocessing mine tailings. 

Understanding the physical processes of adsorption- desorption in multi-component systems is critical for natural gas recovery. We aim to integrate the physical measurements with molecular dynamic simulation techniques to provide a deeper understanding of the physical processes related to natural gas recovery.  

Discover why the calculation and visualisation frontier basins are critical for decision making and exploration of Australian resources.