Mineral Processing & Interfacial Phenomena

At UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, we carry out the fundamental and practical studies in mineral separation. The research is aimed at delivering more efficient separations to minimise losses of high value minerals, and energy and water consumption. 

Competitive Advantage 

  • New laboratories 
  • Custom-built equipment for the characterisation of reagents 
  • Standard testing of reagents 
  • Access to a range of surface characterisation techniques  

Recent Research Projects 

  • Characterisation of new frothers for sulphide flotation 
  • Analysis of plant data on the effects of water quality on froth flotation 
  • Destabilisation mechanisms in flotation froths 
  • Recovery of coarse particles  

Successful Applications 

  • ARC Centre of Excellence to transform the recovery of metals from low grade ores using coarser particles, reducing energy consumption in grinding, supported by ARC 
  • Review of the Australian Standard of the basic and sequential flotation tests, supported by ACARP 
  • Guide on froth flotation best practice, supported by ACARP  

Facilities & Infrastructure 

  • Custom-made bubble coalescence apparatus 
  • Kruss dynamic foam analyzer 
  • PAT surface tensiometer 
  • Flotation cells (Denver & bottom driven) 
  • Bubble sizing 
  • Froth dropback 

Our People