Our Competitive Advantage 

  • Advanced physical model for rock characterisation at high temperature and high pressure capable of tackling problems from the laboratory to reservoir scales. 
  • Unique physics-based approach aiming at forward predicting instabilities such as fracture network formation, fault reactivation and sand production. 
  • Tightly coupled parallelised numerical framework running on supercomputers. 
  • Next generation geomechanical modelling and analysis.  
  • Use of custom developed in-situ scattering and imaging techniques to measure representative samples interacting with physical and chemical vectors gaining multiscale modelling data 

Recent Research Projects 

  • UNSW strategic funding on this unique advanced capability in Australia through a 5-year SPF01 funding to Prof. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb. 
  • Two active Australian Research Centre Discovery Projects, three ARC Linkage and one ARC LIEF grant to further develop the technology.  

Successful Applications 

  • Modelling sand production at reservoir scale in collaboration with OilSearch to optimise production and minimise sand production risk in Papua New Guinea. 
  • Improved models of rock behaviour at high temperatures and pressures for deep drilling and understanding of reservoir formation and production, in collaboration with CSIRO.  

Facilities & Infrastructure 

  • Advanced multiscale characterisation laboratory for quantification of thermo-mechanical rock properties. 
  • 4-D X-Ray Microscopy laboratory