Mine ventilation is the foremost element about creating a safer, smarter and more sustainable mining future. UNSW is the leading institute in providing research and educational services in areas including fugitive gas emissions, dust and DPM control technologies, and spontaneous combustion management in mining operations. 

Our Competitive Advantage 

  • Ventilation network design and optimisation. 
  • Coal seam gas, coal mine methane, fugitive gas capture and storage. 
  • Explosive and respirable dust (DPM) monitoring, analysis and management 
  • Spontaneous combustion detection, prevention and mitigation plans and all other aspects of occupational health and safety. 
  • Over 20 years’ experience in providing educational training for industry ventilation professionals to a statutory qualification standard.  

Recent Research Projects 

  • Appraisal of gas indicators from goaf drainage holes for spontaneous combustion and explosion risk management 
  • Evaluating GAG docking connections/simulations for goaf inertisation 
  • Characterisation of coal seam permeability to enhance gas drainage performance 

Successful Applications 

  • Optimisation of goaf gas drainage performance in metallurgical coal mines, Central Queensland 
  • Development of coupled geomechanics and fluid flow simulations to understand gas emission patterns 

Facilities & Infrastructure 

  • Laboratory measurement of stress-dependent permeability to replicate field conditions. 
  • Dust particle size and total incombustible content analysis. 
  • A wide range of industry benchmark software packages, including: 
  • ventilation design software, Ventsim (Howden) 
  • computation fluid dynamics simulator, Fluent (ANSYS) 
  • gas reservoirs simulator, ECLIPSE (Schlumberger) 

Our Partners  

  • Anglo American 
  • Glencore 
  • Centennial 
  • CSIRO 

Our People