Our research areas stem from applied research with a fundamental understanding of real-world issues affecting the minerals and energy resources sector.

This theme focuses on fundamental and applied geomechanics related to the mining and oil & gas industries. Our interest is oriented towards improving safety performance through alternative mine design/methods, ground control technologies, improvements of ground support techniques, rock excavation and stability, rock excavation machine control, tunnelling applications, rock mass characteristics for CO2 sequestration and acoustic emission monitoring of rocks to predict failure mechanisms.

This theme focuses on integrating advanced technologies and operational excellence to accelerate the transformation of the minerals and energy resources sectors. Of particular interest is to adopt scientific knowledge and emerging technologies from other disciplines tailored for the minerals and energy resources sectors. This includes monitoring and communication technologies to improve mining safety, evaluate environmental impact and expand efficiencies. /p>

This theme focuses on fundamental and applied research related to the oil & gas industry. Of particular interest are technologies that improve recovery and provide new insights into the production of natural gas. Traditional knowledge and expertise in petroleum production will drive new technologies related to the geological storage of CO2, production of geothermal energy and production of natural gas as a transition fuel. Fundamental to oil and gas recovery is multi-phase flow through porous media where our research focused on Digital Rock technology excels.

This theme focuses on technological innovations that will drive future energy and minerals production. We are investigating new extraction technologies for lithium and copper – two essential minerals for the creation of photovoltaic cells and lithium batteries - as well as renewable energy production from geothermal sources. In addition, the sub-surface can be used for the permanent geosequestration of CO2 or for storing energy from renewable sources, such as solar power, and efficiently used at later points.