Postgraduate Coursework Programs in Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering involves the development and integration of new technology for the oil and gas industry.

This degree caters for graduates from a petroleum engineering background looking to extend and broaden their knowledge of the discipline’s context. The Petroleum Engineering specialisation also provides advanced study in a range of courses to fully prepare an engineer from a non-petroleum background to become competent working in a role that requires the direct application of petroleum engineering knowledge.

This two-year degree teaches the core principles and technologies associated with petroleum exploration and the production of oil and gas. You’ll learn how petroleum engineers explore, design, develop and produce the oil and gas resources that underpin the energy industries.

This degree is equivalent to an on-campus Master of Engineering Science degree but delivered completely online. Providing flexibility and balance between work and study, it offers the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of the oil and gas industries.

Learn about geothermal energy and its global demand as a sustainable energy source. This degree uses the advances in petroleum engineering along with geothermal science to provide a solid platform for geothermal engineering applications.

Continue your professional development and work on the cutting edge of Engineering Science. Studied full-time over one year, this course adds breadth to your engineering and technical knowledge. Specialisations available include petroleum engineering, mine ventilation and mine geotechnical engineering.

This online diploma is suitable for engineers and graduates looking to develop and expand their knowledge in their current area of expertise.

Develop and expand your knowledge in a specific area of specialisation with the Graduate Certificate of Engineering Science. This qualification will enable you to meet or maintain professional accreditation standards and provide opportunities for continuing development. Specialisations available include mining engineering and petroleum engineering.

This Graduate Certificate program in Petroleum Engineering is delivered online and is designed for engineering and science graduates looking to improve their technical understanding of their field.


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