Girls in Engineering Plays Skribbl

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Join us for GIE Club plays Skribbl! We know it can be tough studying from home so we thought it’d be fun to get together and play a game (online of course). It’s called and it basically works like Pictionary.


The event will be a mix of getting to know fellow club members, asking engineering questions and having some fun drawing online (engineering themed of course)!We will play in a PRIVATE room on the night. The link will be posted in the Zoom call.

NB: Zoom and don’t require you to download anything, both can be accessed via your browser.

The event will be run by Bella; our wonderful current engineering student!


THURSDAY the 30th of April at 7:00 pm. We will start the call at 6:55 pm and set up all the tech before doing introductions at 7:05 pm (ish). The game will go for about 30 minutes.


The event will happen on a Zoom call so that we can meet everyone, ask some questions and chat while we draw. The call can be accessed via this link on our facebook page.


If you want to play, take the following steps:
1. Sign up to the Club if you have not already. Sign Up Here 

2. Click “going” on the Facebook event. Ensure you have already joined our private facebook group!

3. Block out Thursday the 30th of April at 7pm in your diary/study planner
4. On Thursday the 30th at 7pm, join the Zoom call through the link in the facebook group


I don't have facebook:

If you don't have facebook sign up to the event here: Sign Up Link.

We will email you the link to the Zoom meeting and priviate Skribbl game.

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