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Combining purpose-led partnerships with cross-disciplinary thinking to drive progress, globally.

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Finding common ground

How do you unify a collective of thinkers that’s divergent by design? At UNSW Engineering, all research projects are guided by the same drivers – and this extends to our impact network too. By combining the passion and insight of every member, we can connect dots faster, apply our research at a systems and policy level, and pay our respects to future generations. These common drivers symbolise the global campus of UNSW Engineering, where research and industry gather to break new ground. 

Let’s get to work.

Our common drivers

  • Community

    The people we help instill our research with purpose.

  • Ingenuity

    The ideas we originate belong to the people we impact.

  • Opportunity

    The platform we provide helps people apply their ideas.

How we work

We think differently but move as one. And while our work varies in theory, in practice, and in the sector, we’ve identified a few key factors for success:

Long-term flexible funding
Financial support that can adapt and evolve as our research does – over a longer period of time.

Rigorous peer reviewing
Calling on other fearless thinkers in the field to make sure our research measures up to an altogether bigger impact.

Strong interdisciplinary relationships
Change doesn’t happen in siloes. It happens when connections are formed across capabilities – and partnerships are united by shared goals rather than single skill sets.

Where we work

The impact that stems from world-leading engineering expertise is in-demand all around the globe. It’s why you’ll find our research and technology well beyond Sydney’s shores.

Who we work with

We have a global network of partners, including government, private sector, NGOs and start-ups.

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