Research grants & funding

Our outstanding track-record of Australian Research Council (ARC) grants is testament to the quality of our research.

ARC grants are consistently awarded to our researchers for their work across electrical engineering and telecommunications, these national competitive grants fund a range of projects that contribute ground-breaking discoveries and technologies to our society.

We also regularly secure research funding from various state and federal government bodies, major private organisations and industry.

Grant outcomes 2019

  • Professor David Taubman 

    “Efficient multi-view video coding with cuboids and base anchored models” 


    Professor Andrey Savkine

    “Control and state estimation in the next-generation interconnected systems”


    Professor Jinhong Yuan; Dr Wing Kwan Ng

    “Millimetre wave communications for mobile broadband systems”


    Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Professor Julien Epps and Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu; “Integrating biologically-inspired auditory models into deep learning” 

  • Dr Jarryd Pla                                                                                                              
    “Superconducting hybrid quantum technologies” 
    Dr Lei Yang                                                                                                                   
    “Extremely-high-speed and reliable coding for next generation communications” 
  • Dr Beena Ahmed, Prof Julien Epps, Dr Vidhya Sethu,                                                    
    Prof Eliathamby Ambikairajah  
    “AusKidTalk: an Australian children's speech corpus” 

Grant outcomes 2018

  • Professor Victor Solo and Dr Syed Pasha                                                                      
    “Vector network system identification”  
    Professor Victor Solo and Professor Gregory Chirikjian                                                   
    “Modeling stochastic systems in Riemannian manifolds” 
    Professor Zhao Yang (Joe) Dong; Dr Guo Chen (new Scientia Fellow)                            
    and Professor David Hill 
    “Power system security assessment given massive intermittent energy sources” 
    Professor Andrea Morello, Dr Jarryd Pla and Professor Klaus Moelmer                           
    “Observing the quantum chaotic trajectories of a single nucleus” 
    (In collaboration with RMIT) 
    Professor Donald Holmes; Professor John Fletcher;                                                        
    Associate Professor Brendan McGrath; Dr Lasantha Meegahapola 
    “Advanced inverter control for distributed energy systems” 

Grant outcomes 2017

  • Associate Professor Wei Zhang; Professor Lingyang Song; Dr Shaohui Sun 

    Project title: Efficient Signal Transmission Techniques for Large Scale Antenna Systems 

    Partner Organisations: Peking University, China; Datang Telecom Technology & Industry group 

    ARC Funding Awarded: $285,000 [2017-2020] 

    Associate Professor Julien Epps; Dr Vidhyasaharan Sethu, Dr Michael Chen, Dr Mark Larsen, Professor Helen Christensen;  

    Project title: Automatic Speech-based Assessment of Mental State via Mobile Device 

    Partner Organisations: Sonde Health, US; Black Dog Institute 

    ARC Funding Awarded: $303,000 [2017-2020 ] 

Grant outcomes 2016

  • Professor Andrew Dzurak; Adjunct Professor Mikko Mottonen;                                      
    Dr Alessandro Rossi; Dr Dimitrios Georgakopoulos; Dr Antti Kemppinen; 
    Dr Masaya Kataoka 
    Professor Jinhong Yuan; Associate Professor Mark Reed; Professor Li Ping  $530,000
    Associate Professor Wei Zhang; Professor Xiang-Gen Xia    $360,000 
    Professor Nigel Lovell; Professor Francois Ladouceur;                                                  
    Dr Amr Al Abed (in collaboration with School of Biomedical Engineering) 
  • Professor Branko Celler; Professor Andrey Savkin;                                                         
    Professor Siaw-Teng Liaw; Dr Karen Irvine; Mr Norm Good  
    Professor Josep Pou; Professor Vassilios Agelidis; Dr Alireza Nami;                                
    Dr Frans Dijkhuizen; Dr Georgios Demetriades 
    Associate Professor Wei Zhang; Professor Lingyang Song; Dr Shaohui Sun      $220,000  
    Professor Jinhong Yuan; Dr Wing Kwan Ng; Dr Xingqing Cheng; Mr Raja Pillai  $466,000 
  • Professor Andrew Dzurak; Professor David Jamieson; Professor David Reilly;                  
    Associate Professor Andrea Morello; Professor Michelle Simmons; 
    Professor Darren Bagnall; Professor Allen Barnett; Professor Lloyd Hollenberg  
    Associate Professor Andrea Morello; Dr Arne Laucht; Professor Andrew Dzurak;              
    Dr Thomas Volz; Associate Professor Gabriel Molina Terriza