Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Open Lab

A laboratory technician working with engineering equipment

Join us in Week 5 of Term 3 for a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting research that is done in the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. This will be an in-person event on the UNSW Kensington Campus. We will throw open our labs and take you on exciting tours with demonstrations and information titbits.

Our tour guides have especially blocked times in their calendars for this special event so take advantage and sign-up for one of the available sessions on either 10th, 11th or 12th October 2023 between 4-5pm. You will get to see two of our shiny labs and have the opportunity to ask many questions about our research!

Sign up is super easy. Just sign up by completing the this form and choose the time slot that you are available. Places in each time slot are limited so hurry.

Meeting Location:

For all the timeslots, students MUST come to come to the Ground Floor Foyer of the Gordon and Jacqueline Samuels Building, Kensington

Registration Form: