Workplace health & safety

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UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering adheres to and implements the aims and strategies in the UNSW Work Health and Safety Policy.

Our Health and Safety Committee enables our staff to contribute to decisions affecting their: health, safety and welfare, proposed changes to the work environment, processes and practices.


A Workplace Health and Safety (HS) Induction is an essential part of safety at UNSW and Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (GSBME) whether you are staff, student or visitor. There is a range of training and induction procedures depending on what you want to do.

Our laboratories reflect the cross disciplinary nature of the work of our research and requires a broad basic knowledge. You may be required to do multiple inductions depending on the lab space you need to access.

Before you begin, you will need:

  1. GSBME supervisor: This person will be responsible for your health and safety while you’re here
  2. z number and a z pass: This is your official UNSW identity

If you don’t already have a UNSW ID card then talk to your GSBME supervisor. All staff and students in the School need to attend training to be aware of the risk and hazards associated with the work they are performing. For more information, visit the Work Health and Safety website.

UNSW training

UNSW training must be completed by all students and staff before you can enter a specific work area, use a piece of equipment or follow an experimental protocol. Once enrolled, these courses will appear on your UNSW Moodle site.

Training courses

Required enrollment 

Course number

Moodle course code

Delivery method 

Health & Safety Awareness 





Ergonomic & Manual Tasks 





Lab training 

Laboratory Safety Awareness 

All working in Laboratories 




Green Lab Environment Compliance 


All lab users 




Hazardous Substances 

All working in Laboratories with Hazardous Substances. Even if they’re not using them 




 Gene Technology 

All working with GMO's or in GMO approved labs 




General Biosafety for all Containment Facilities (PC1, PC2, PC3) 



All in GSBME labs 




 Fume Cupboards and Safety 

All working with hazardous substances 




UNSW training information can be found on the UNSW safety website.

Compulsory training required

  • Responsible Employee (staff/HDR’s)
  • Sexual Misconduct (all)

If there any training or HSE concerns please email the HSE advisor (

School- and task-specific requirements

  • There is a risk management form (RMF)* with an attached PowerPoint presentation and quiz for: 

    To be granted access to these labs, you must read and sign the RMF, complete the quiz and attend a tour.  

    *you will need a valid z number to access these documents in safesys  

     To be granted permission to use specific labs, all staff and students must: 

    Additional specific training may be required depending on what you are doing. For example, if you are staff supervising any students you will need to do HS for Supervisors. 

    To get swipe access, you must complete all the required Health and Safety (HS) documents and send a screenshot of completed training to lab manager Lynn Ferris. Your training history summary can be found in MyUNSW under the learning and development tab. 

  • The School is committed to adhering to UNSW’s Health and Safety protocols to ensure a safe working and learning environment for our staff, students and visitors.

  • This information is to help deal with an emergency within The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. 

    Assembly areas

    Evacuations: Upon hearing a continuous alarm (fire alarm bell) or a request to evacuate the building, all occupants of the building must leave in an orderly manner by the nearest exit. Follow the instructions of the fire wardens who will coordinate evacuation.

    Security contact number: (02) 9385 6666

Contact us

If you're a short-term visitor, a contractor or want access for a specific task contact Lynn Ferris to discuss your induction needs.