The Service Oriented Computing group is involved with research projects covering a range of areas, such as cloud resources, interoperability, API/service design and engineering and much more. We are committed to helping users and businesses get more from their online computing and services.

Our research areas include:

  • interoperability, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), web services composition, business process management
  • federated cloud resources configuration and orchestration
  • API/Service design and engineering
  • quality control in crowdsourcing services
  • crowdsourcing for vulnerability discovery programs
  • cognitive Services and Case management
  • socio- computational services for research and development
  • Internet/Web of Things analytics
  • data curation, information filtering and recommender systems
  • human activity modelling and recognition
  • semantic modelling and technologies
  • event processing systems and analytics
  • blockchain and blockchain-based systems
  • cyber security analytics and services
  • FinTech applications and financial literacy.