Mining engineers evaluate, plan and oversee the construction of a mine. They’re involved in a project through all phases of mining operations. This includes exploration and discovery of the mineral resource, feasibility studies, mine design, development of plans and production, scheduling, operations, processing and even marketing. They’re still involved at the mine closure stages, including final land restoration and rehabilitation.

Petroleum engineers work with oil or gas companies to design, test and implement efficient methods to extract petroleum products from the earth and sea floor. They spend most of their time making estimations because they can never see what is actually going on thousands of metres below the ground.

They work closely with other professionals, such as geologists, to locate the dig site, design and build the machines that extract as much oil and gas as possible. They also oversee the removal and processing of the petroleum itself.

Petroleum economics

Petroleum economics involves applying the techniques of economic analysis at every stage in the development of oil and gas exploration and production projects. This includes a range of factors, including the level of knowledge about the oil or gas field, the location, type and number of wells, market conditions and the effect of tax/royalty systems.

Production engineering

Production engineering involves designing and selecting the equipment that gets a well to produce oil and gas after it is drilled. Production engineers coordinate the installation, maintenance and operation of mining and oilfield equipment. They also manage the boundary between the well and reservoir using perforations, sand control, artificial lift and downhole control.

Reservoir engineering

Reservoir engineering involves assessing oil and gas deposits. Reservoir engineers estimate the size of a reservoir, determine its oil and gas reserves and maximise the economic return from extracting them. Their ultimate responsibility is to maximise output without causing overproduction.