UNSW is a world leader in digital rock technologies for coal seam gas engineering and monitoring Our experts work closely with industry across 3D imaging of coal samples to predicting gas diffusions in coal.

Our competitive advantage

  • An efficient means of estimating coal petrophysical properties
  • Geostatistics extraction and fracture/micropore network reconstruction for complex coal structure
  • Capability of coupling with big image data set with improved flow simulator
  • Multiphysics study to predict gas production and evaluate environmental impact
  • Prediction of greenhouse gas emission from coals

Recent research projects

  • Hybrid pore network modelling to simulate multiscale gas flow in coal
  • Gas diffusion visualisation and characterisation with integrated analysis of X-ray micro-CT imaging, experiments and numerical simulation
  • High pressure micro-CT imaging of coal and in-situ coal analysis

Successful applications

  • 3D imaging of coal samples for industry (QGC, Shell) - Porosity, coal typing, absolute permeability and relative permeability
  • Prediction of gas diffusion in coal (ACARP)

Facilities & infrastructure

  • High pressure X-ray micro-CT imaging system
  • Petrophysics laboratory
  • Gas adsorption/desorption system
  • Microfluidics setup
  • Diffusion measurements

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact Associate Professor Peyman Mostaghimi.

E: peyman@unsw.edu.au