Our leading researchers use advances in geophysical measurements to address sophisticated geomechanical problems using theoretical, experimental and numerical developments from micro to field scale.

Our competitive advantage

  • A well-equipped laboratory with state of-the-art equipment, many of which designed and built-in house
  • Proven track-record in developing numerical simulators to solve complex coupled geomechanical problems
  • Geomechanical investigations from fundamental level up to field applications using existing data such as downhole logging

Recent research projects

  • Two ARC Discovery projects on coupled geomechanical investigation of organic rich shales.
  • Several ACARP and industry funded projects on sorption induced damage in coals, effective stress law of coals, ultrasonic properties of coals, coupled geomechanics of coal, etc.
  • Structural damage in clay-rich rocks due to water exposure.

Successful applications

  • Developed an analytical tool to calculate the 3D heterogeneous stress map at field scale
  • Developed a fully coupled numerical simulator for coal seam gas drainage
  • Development of theoretical, numerical and experimental basis for effective stress law of coals with sorbing gases
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of gas flow in organic rich shales within non-equilibrium thermodynamics framework

Our partners

  • Australian Research Council
  • Australian Coal Industry Research Organisation
  • Other organisations such as CINSW, INPEX, Golder Associates, CSIRO, ANSTO, HFC and others

Facilities & infrastructure

  • High pressure and high temperature nano-scale interferometry
  • Optical and thermal tracking for mechanical testing
  • Temperature controlled and ultrasonic enabled X-ray transparent triaxial system
  • Advanced temperature controlled triaxial system with flow and acoustic capabilities
  • And a range of downhole logging field equipment

Our people

Dr M.A. Aghighi

Contact Us

For more information, contact Dr Hamid Roshan.

E: h.roshan@unsw.edu.au