NMR technology is a versatile approach to analyse surface-fluid and fluid-fluid interactions over length-scales stretching from atomic to pore and core lengths (centimetre). Our team of experts combine strong experimental capabilities with numerical simulation to provide analysis of porous media across a range of applications 

Our competitive advantage 

  • Characterization of pore-space and transport in natural porous materials, including multi-phase flow (NMR and micro-CT) 
  • Advanced studies of dynamic processes e.g. capturing kinetics of cement hydration and reactive flow in carbonates 
  • Interaction of colloids with solid surfaces e.g. wettability reversal 
  • Characterization of petroleum fluids using a set of industrial standard practices 
  • Enhanced interpretation of NMR responses using "Morphy/NMR" pore-scale simulator on tomographic images  

Recent research projects 

  • Two active ARC DP projects: wettability alteration and colloid transport 
  • Two active ARC LP projects: low salinity water flooding / cement hydration 
  • Two active industry projects licensing petrophysical simulation software “morphy” including NMR simulation  

Successful applications 

  • Commercialisation through a spin-off company Digital Core Pty, which merged with Numerical Rocks AS to form Lithicon, acquired by FEI in 2014 for A$76 million (now part of ThermoFisher). 

Our partners 

  • BP 
  • OMV 
  • Petrobras 
  • Santos 
  • Total 
  • Wintershall  

Facilities & infrastructure 

  • 2 MHz Rock Core Analyzer, 13 MHz MOUSE set, high-pressure high-temperature flow cell and high-precision continuous pumps: 1H NMR relaxation, diffusion, correlations (T1-T2, T2-D) and exchange (T2-T2); 1D spin density, T1 and T2 profiles, flow propagators 
  • 43 MHz Spinsolve diffusion/carbon with temperature control 
  • 5th generation helical micro-CT in custom led-lined room with high-level environmental controls 
  • Established collaboration with MWAC NMR facility team (liquid- and solid-state NMR spectroscopy and EPR)

Our people

Contact us

For more information contact Professor Christoph Arns. 

E: c.arns@unsw.edu.au