UNSW is recognised as a global leader in tomography innovation. With our world-class facilities and team of experts, we can produce high-resolution imaging combined with image analysis and physical property calculations and measurements. Our unmatched approach of  instrument capacity and people skills provides unparalleled insights into microstructural behaviour. 

Our competitive advantage  

  • Our award-winning analysis outperforms conventional X-ray CT 
  • Very high resolution allows imaging at submicron scale 
  • High speed method allows dynamic imaging, such as tracking of multicomponent fluid flows 

Recent research projects 

  • Integrated analysis of experiment, tomography and numerical approach provide a framework to optimize enhanced oil and gas recovery (EOR/EGR) for heterogenous rock 
  • Contrast agent imaging identifies the gas flow in coal fractures 
  • In-situ fluid imaging under steady state condition 
  • High resolution biomedical samples imaging  

Successful applications 

  • The technology was commercialized through a spin-off company Digital Core Pty, which merged with Numerical Rocks AS to form Lithicon. 
  • In 2014, Lithicon was acquired by FEI for A$76 million   

Facilities & infrastructure 

  • Housed in a dedicated, temperature stabilized, lead lined room 
  • X-ray source (180kV/20W) with diamond windows 
  • High quality flatbed detector (3,072x3,072 pixel, 3.75 fps readout rate) 
  • Helical and circular scanning mode 
  • Pressure and flow cells for various sample sizes 

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact the Tyree X-Ray CT facility.

E: TyreeXray@unsw.edu.au