When mining operations occur beneath or in the vicinity of valleys and other forms of irregular surface topography, the observed vertical subsidence at the base of the valley is less than that would be expected in flat terrain, while the observed horizontal movement of valley sides is greater than that in flat terrain.  

Our experts work on research evaluating the developments in: 

  • mining-induced valley closure subsidence effects, including empirical predictions of valley closure and upsidence  
  • numerical modelling approaches 
  • the mechanisms behind this behaviour based on field measurements 

Our competitive advantage 

  • Strategic research in subsidence engineering to minimise effect of mining on surface water system 
  • Advanced numerical models developed for various mining and geotechnical conditions 
  • Coupled model of rock and fluid flow analysis 
  • Mining induced fracture development and its interaction with caving  

Recent research projects 

  • Industry sponsored research, particularly for mining conditions in NSW 
  • Various ACARP and ARC LP projects  

Capabilities & facilities 

  • Fundamental rock testing facilities 
  • Coupled models for rock and flow fluid interactions 
  • Various types of subsidence models  

Our partners 

We are proud to collaborate with: 

  • Industry partners, e.g. Peabody, Glencore, Mine Subsidence Engineering Consultants etc. 
  • Research institutions: CSIRO, China University of Mining and Technology

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact Dr Chengguo Zhang. 

E: Chengguo.zhang@unsw.edu.au