Floor heave issues have long been associated with underground mines. The UNSW research team has been conducting intensive research into the mechanisms of floor failures. This fundamental research investigates the floor heaving phenomenon comprehensively and systematically focusing the understanding of the mechanics behind and causes of the trigging mechanisms.

Our competitive advantage

  • The world-class research group in coal mine floor stability
  • A unique multidisciplinary research team combining academia and industry expertise
  • Integrated experimental and numerical modelling methods
  • Improved productivity of underground mines
  • Development of efficient control and monitoring techniques for floor stability

Recent research projects

  • The Australian Coal Industry’s Research Program (ACARP) on investigation into failure mechanisms and controlling factors in underground coal mines.
  • Various contract research projects conducted with industry partners
  • Collaboration achieved with West Virginia University

Successful applications

  • Assessment of the magnitude of the floor deformation in underground coal mines in NSW
  • Development of the industry-consistent Coal Mine Floor Rating (CMFR) classification system Capabilities and facilities
  • Numerical modelling capabilities for floor deformation analysis
  • Instrumentation for measurement of floor deformation and rock properties at in-situ environments

Our partners

  • The Australian Coal Industry’s Research Program (ACARP), Glencore Coal, Springvale Coal Pty Ltd, Kestrel Mine
  • Anglo-American Metallurgical Coal

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact Professor Serkan Saydam.

E: s.saydam@unsw.edu.au