UNSW is a global leader in groundwater research. Our researchers innovate solutions to quantify groundwater flow through rock fractures in managing the hazard of water inflow at underground opening or in securing water resources. Our unique approach brings together expertise from both academia and industry, to address the grand challenges around future water resources.  

Our competitive advantage 

  • World-class equipment for testing fully coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of rock discontinuity is currently under development 
  • Rock fracture specimen can be prepared based on the developed algorism using 3-D printing techniques to enhance the reliability of test results 
  • Fully coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour is investigated based on the previously successful constitutive model development of mechanical behaviour  

Successful applications 

  • Development of constitutive relations for hydro-mechanical behaviour of rock discontinuity and evaluation of stability of underground opening in jointed rock masses 
  • Quantification of groundwater flow through rock discontinuities in managing the hazard of water inflow at mine sites or in securing water resources  

Facilities & infrastructures 

  • Testing of fully coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of rock discontinuity by measuring fluid quantities and mechanical deformation under in-situ stress conditions 
  • Photogrammetric and 3-D printing capability  


  • Provide industry and researchers with a significantly improved understanding of groundwater flow in a fractured rock medium 
  • Connect industry to emerging technologies and the best international research and practice in addressing underground safety and water challenge. 

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For more information, contact Dr Joung Oh. 

E: joung.oh@unsw.edu.au