Australia has very large thick seam coal resources. As a result, there has been ongoing research conducted by the School and others into suitable mining methods that are capable of safe, efficient and productive resource recovery. This research area focuses on improving efficiencies in mining systems for the extraction of thick seams through novel techniques, technology developments and new approaches.

Our competitive advantage

  • Comprehensive geomechanics models for thick seam mining
  • Advanced numerical modelling capacity using various types of packages for the energy quantification
  • Development of top coal capability assessment framework
  • Enhancing the economic viability of operations

Recent research projects

  • Industry sponsored research projects
  • Several international collaborative research projects.

Capabilities & facilities

  • A suite of advanced DEM and FEM numerical modelling packages
  • Rock testing facilities for different loading conditions
  • Well calibrated coal capability assessment tools

Our partners

  • Mines across NSW and QLD
  • China University of Mining & Technology
  • China University of Mining & Technology Beijing

Our people

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For more information, contact Dr Chengguo Zhang.