Our leading experts are focused on the numerical simulation and laboratory experimental study of reservoir geomechanics. They are at the forefront of research in wellbore stability and reservoir stimulation by hydraulic fracturing in complexed geology and stress conditions. 

Our competitive advantage

  • Advanced HTHP triaxial Rock mechanical and hydraulic fracturing test systems.
  • Fully coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical effect is simulated by considering of poro-elasto-plasticity, chemical potential, solute transportation, temperature, pore pressure distribution, in-situ stress conditions and anisotropic formation properties in a time dependent framework
  • Fully coupled numerical models based on FEM/XFEM for wellbore stability analysis and hydraulic fracturing simulation
  • Characterisation of rock mechanical properties and in-situ stresses through hybrid laboratory core analysis, log interpretation, drilling & HF data analysis and filed scale numerical simulation

Research projects

  • Wellbore stability and formation damage study in tight gas and coal seam reservoirs
  • Development and implementation of hydraulic fracture treatments for improving gas production from coal seams
  • Hydraulic fracturing study in shale gas reservoirs
  • Rock mechanical properties at HTHP conditions

Successful applications

Following projects have been supported by Santos, AGL and ONGC: Successful wellbore stability and formation damage study in collaboration with industry.

  • In-situ stress characterisation and hydraulic fracturing study of coal seam reservoirs in collaboration with industry.

Facilities & infrastructure

  • Advanced HTHP triaxial Rock mechanical and hydraulic fracturing test systems.
  • Multiport pressure transmission and chemical potential test cells for shales and coals
  • API standard drilling fluid and cementing laboratory

Our people

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For more information, contact Dr Zhixi Chen.

E: zhixic.unsw.edu.au