Our researchers in Mine Internet of Things work across areas including: 

  • communication technologies such as LoRa, BLE, NBIoT, eMTC;  
  • varies indoor position technologies;  
  • LiDAR for underground 3D modelling;  
  • Energy harvesting technologies for sensors;  
  • mobile robot and AI for underground applications; and the  
  • MIoT platform.  

We work closely with our industry partners in exciting projects such as CRC-P project: DeepIoT. 

Our competitive advantage 

The team has expertise in the follow communication and positioning technologies: 

  • WiFi 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • RFID (including RFID carrier phase) 
  • LoRa 
  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) 
  • NBIoT or eMTC 
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (Dead Reckoning) 
  • Global Navigation Satellite System 
  • IoT platform  

Recent research projects 

  • DIIS Global Connections Fund Bridging Grant: “A cost effective communication mechanism for underground mine Internet of Things” 
  • CRC-P round 8: “DeepIoT – A New Hybrid Wireless IoT Platform for Underground Mines”  

Successful applications 

  • Outdoor/Indoor asset tracking based on eMTC/NBIoT and GNSS for mine sites 
  • Underground mine personnel tracking 
  • Collision avoidance system (prototype) 

Facilities & infrastructures 

  • Mobile robot 
  • Lidar units 
  • UWB positioning modules 
  • LoRa hubs and gateway 
  • Vibration energy harvester 

Our partners 

  • Roobuck 
  • Newcrest 
  • Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group 
  • Redwood Tech 
  • Roboworks  
  • Xilinx 
  • Robosense 
  • ST Microeletronics 
  • Swinburne University 
  • CUMT 

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact Dr Binghao Li. 

E: binghao.li@unsw.edu.au