Our researchers have proven capability to provide smart sensing solutions for mapping and monitoring in challenging environments.  

Our unique approach brings together expertise from both academia and industry, to further innovate new technologies in this field. From mining and agriculture through to civil and defence industries, the impact of our work is visible across several sectors of the economy. 

Our competitive advantage  

The Laboratory for Imaging of the Mining Environment (LIME) creates innovative solutions by developing integrated sensing hardware that feeds into bespoke algorithms. We lend our expertise by providing advanced monitoring solutions for environment (vegetation, water, air, soil, etc.) and safety (deformation, stability, etc.) challenges.  


  • Machine vision: Real-time object tracking, 3D reconstruction, pattern recognition, image enhancements, 2D and 3D mapping 
  • Environment: monitoring water quality, tracking health of sensitive ecosystem, monitoring land use and land cover, remote monitoring of temperature, pressure, gases etc. in challenging environments 
  • Safety: structural deformation, automated structural mapping, hazardous spillage detection, in-situ sampling and warning systems 
  • Industries: mining, defence, agriculture, forestry, food processing, health, etc.  

Recent research projects 

  • Development of drone based hyperspectral and LiDAR imaging system 
  • Improved structural mapping of pit walls using drone based mobile laser scanning 
  • Automated structural mapping in underground mine using mobile laser scanning technology 
  • Remote sensing-based monitoring   framework for a CO2 sequestration site for its possible impact on groundwater resources and vegetation 

Successful applications 

  • A drone-based scanning system is tested to map structural parameters of pit walls (ACARP) 
  • A spatial data processing software was developed for an agriculture company. The tool is deemed to target in-field utilisation of the data generated from drone (Agronomeye). 
  • A drone based hyperspectral mapping system has been developed to monitor sensitive swamp vegetation (Wollongong Coal Limited). 
  • An innovative approach (patent filled) to correct drift of mobile 3D imaging systems in underground mines (ACARP). 
  • Remote water sampling through drone (Glencore).  

Facilities & infrastructures 

Multispectral, Hyperspectral, mobile LiDAR and LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) sensors besides UAVs and robotics capability. 

Our people

Contact us

For more information, contact Dr. Simit Raval. 

E: simit@unsw.edu.au