UNSW researchers are pushing the boundaries in sustainable mine waste management. Our experts have significant experimental and modelling capabilities to develop advanced hydrometallurgical and electrochemical strategies suitable for the recovery of critical elements from industrial and mining waste streams. 

Our competitive advantage 

  • Critical elements can be selectively extracted via advanced leaching and complexation techniques 
  • Synthesis of magnetic electrochemically reactive ‘carrier’ materials for selective and easy recovery of extracted critical elements 
  • Regeneration of ‘carrier’ materials for an environmentally friendly and sustainable process  

Recent research projects 

  • Recovery of critical metals from acid mine drainage using electrochemical techniques 
  • Synthesis of layered double hydroxide sorbents from mine waste rocks and tailings 
  • Development of cyanide-free extraction-recovery approach for gold ores  

Successful applications 

  • Recovery of gold, copper, lead and zinc from electronic wastes and mine-impacted soils via galvanic interactions Facilities and infrastructure 
  • Extensive laboratory facilities for extraction, recovery and electrochemical-based studies 
  • Expertise and analysis facilities for studying surface deposition mechanisms, complexation and redox reactions, and solid-liquid interfacial interactions. 

Our people

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For more information, contact Dr Carlito Tabelin. 

E: c.tabelin@unsw.edu.au