We are a diverse group of photovoltaic engineers and scientists from all over the world, with a focus on high impact, award-winning, fundamental research and industry-focused solar cell technology development. Graduates of the world’s first and only Bachelor of Engineering degree specialising in photovoltaics and solar energy, we have a solid understanding of the PV manufacturing process and the implications of process changes for overall device performance and reliability. 

Our team members span multiple career levels and provide mentoring, supervision and support to younger researchers and the other nominees. We’re stronger because of the diversity of our people and have fostered an inclusive environment for researchers within the team and beyond. Enabling them to champion inclusiveness and respect and to encourage other opinions and perspectives. 

Our research covers all industrial cell technologies including PERC, TOPCon and Silicon Heterojunction (SHJ). We also regularly collaborate with our industry partners, which includes many of the world’s largest photovoltaic manufacturers, ensuring that our research and development has commercial relevance and a direct path to impacting everyday life. 


  • Selective emitters and laser processing 
  • Defect engineering (gettering/thermal processing/hydrogen passivation/illuminated annealing) 
  • Reliability concerns including light-induced degradation (LID), light- and elevated temperature induced degradation (LID) and surface related degradation (SRD) 
  • Efficiency improvements 
  • Cost reduction such as by increasing efficiencies or reducing the consumption of expensive materials 
  • Sustainable screen-printed solar cells (targeting significant silver reduction for screen-printed solar cells to ensure a sustainable PV industry at the terawatt level) 
  • Understanding kinetics of defect systems 
  • Data analysis 
  • Numerical and device simulations

Our People