Rate & Impedance Analysis of Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming integral to many devices and functions in an energy hungry world. Although this battery technology found its first successes in consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries are now being adapted for use in electric vehicles. They’re also utilised to balance and stabilise electricity generated from the intermittent renewable energy resources. As the technology matures, there are requirements for batteries to have new combinations of energy and power densities. We also need more sophisticated methods of managing these electrochemical storage resources to ensure longer operational lifetimes.

Our research investigates the fundamental processes associated with charge transfer reactions at electrolyte and electrode surfaces. It involves the development of electrochemical analysis methods which can probe the material properties of electrolytes and electro-active materials. This research can be directed at an improved understanding of energy storage materials as well as more advanced battery management systems.

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  • Jodie Yuwono 

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  • Charles Hall 
  • Derwin Lau 

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