About us

Earth being held in someone's hands

Our vision and impact

By connecting community and commercial stakeholders with energy research and delivery solutions, The UNSW Energy Institute helps:

  • Accelerate the uptake of new energy technologies:
    • by supporting the technology development that occurs in UNSW's faculties and schools, and 
    • by facilitating external partnerships and funding
  • Advocate for appropriate policies and regulations
  • Share evidence and know-how upon which to build the energy future, in Australia and internationally

Our vision is for Australia’s global university to be a global leader for energy transition. UNSW’s activity is focused on achieving impact in three main areas:

  • Energy that is affordable, reliable, sustainable, and equitable
  • Energy underpinning a growing economy, and prosperity for all Australians
  • Energy contributing to solving many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Strategic objectives

The Institute supports the three key objectives of energy research and technology at UNSW:

Securing Australia’s position as a global powerhouse
Delivering the future power system
Supporting a consumer-led energy transition

By taking an active role in Australian energy technology development, market analysis and policy design, the UNSW Energy Institute creates direct global impact. We do this through our:

  • Global IP partnerships, including our leading solar PV technologies
  • Collaborative research with other universities
  • Knowledge exchange with international industry partners Leading entrepreneur alumni group, including Dr. Zhengrong Shi, the world’s first solar billionaire
  • Leading social entrepreneur alumni group, including Monique Alfris, co-founder of Pollinate Group, a social enterprise in India and Nepal; and
  • On-the-ground international energy development projects