Here is the process to commence industrial training at UNSW Engineering:

    1. Complete the following e-learning pre-requisite modules on Moodle:

  • Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Planning and Networking Skills
  • Workplace Behaviours
  • Industrial Training and Your Health and Safety

    2. Apply for industrial training approval via Moodle

    3. Ensure you receive approval prior to commencement of your placement

You’ll need to apply for approval before you go out on a placement. Failure to do so may result in not being able to use your experience towards your Industrial Training requirement. To gain approval for your Industrial Training, your employer should provide you with a position description outlining the tasks and activities related to the placement as well as confirmation of employment (letter, email or contract).
You may also obtain information that allows you to demonstrate that you are undertaking work that is relevant to your field of study and meets the EA Stage 1 competencies. It is your responsibility to find appropriate industrial training.

The philosophy behind this is that the process of finding Industrial Training is nearly identical to that of finding a job as a graduate. Approval for traditional, non-traditional and unpaid traditional placements can be applied for in the UNSW Engineering Moodle page.

Once you have secured a suitable placement, follow the below steps: 

Step 1

Obtain the required supporting documentation from your employer:

  • Job description outlining the activities, tasks and duties you will be doing
  • Confirmation of employment (letter, email or contract)

Step 2

Complete the required supporting documentation listed in Types of Industrial Training.

Step 3

Apply for approval

Step 4

Confirmation: You will be informed via email if your placement has been approved.

Step 5

You are now able to commence your placement.

For more information about:

 Book an appointment with Careers and Employment if you require help to create a competitive Resume/CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile