We are developing new 3D printing techniques for manafacturing specialty silica optical fibres.


Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Research Area

Photonics and optical fibres

We have been working on this topic for 5 years and made quite significant progresses. We have an idea research environment including several PhD students and key research facilities and materials.

Produce a brief report / presentation by actively participating activities in the research team, quickly picking up key technqiues, and independently completing 1 or 2 research tasks.

Professor in Photonics and Optical Communications Gang-Ding Peng
Professor in Photonics and Optical Communications
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  • Gang-Ding Peng, Yanhua Luo, Jianzhong Zhang, Jianxiang Wen & Yushi Chu et al. 2019, ‘3D Silica Lithography for Future Optical Fiber Fabrication’, Handbook of Optical Fibers, Springer Singapore, pp. 637–653, doi:10.1007/978-981-10-7087-7_79 (Book Chapter)
  • Chu, Y., Fu, X., Luo, Y., Canning, J., Wang, J., Ren, J., ... & Peng, G. D. Additive manufacturing fiber preforms for structured silica fibers with bismuth and erbium dopants. Light: Advanced Manufacturing, 3(2), 358-364, 2022